In Memory of Dr. Barry Berlin

We are sad to acknowledge the passing of Dr. Barry Berlin.

A cherished faculty member of Canisius College since 1976, Dr. Berlin served three, three-year terms as chair, from ’95-’04. He was the founder and director of the Digital Media Arts program.

Involved in computer technology for teaching purposes since the advent of the Apple IIe’s, Dr. Berlin played a crucial role in developing computer labs for the department for courses that use computers. He also was involved in a number of grants, including four involving computers and two in matters Canadian. Dr. Berlin has co-authored many articles and books.

Before joining Canisius, Dr. Berlin was a print journalist for 10 years. He spent five as a reporter and five as an editor. He held a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, a Master’s from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

He left a lasting impact on those around him. Here are some comments from our Facebook page.

“Dr. Berlin was a formative part of my Canisius years. I am thankful for his skill and his good humor with me,” said Lisa August, adjunct professor at Canisius College.

“Dr. Berlin reached out to me long after I graduated to touch base and catch up. He was a wonderful professor dedicated to Canisius and the students,” said Kate Hughes, a former Canisius student.

He will be missed by many.