JRN '15, Jordan LaBarber

Where do you currently work and could you describe what you do?

I am senior coordinator of media and content for the Buffalo Sabres. My job is content production for Sabres.com, which involves written beat coverage, conceptualizing video content and some site maintenance.

 What are your favorite memories of Canisius?

I do miss the long nights in The Griffin office and the reward of seeing our work show up in print the next day, as well as covering basketball games for the paper. Other than that, it’s little moments – meeting friends at Tim Horton’s between classes, semi-productive study sessions in the library, etc. 

What advice do you have for current students?

Be involved. I had to be convinced to join the student paper as a freshman. That set the table for me to eventually earn internships with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and then with the Sabres, which are the primary reasons I have my job today.

Were you involved in any clubs or internships at Canisius?

I worked as Sports Editor and then Editor-in-Chief for The Griffin.

How do you think Canisius prepared you for the real world?

It quite literally helped me get my foot in the door at the job I have today. Other than that, the work experiences I had at The Griffin and in my internships provided a foundation I was able to lean on heavily after graduation.