COM '14, Anne Continetti

Where do you currently work and could you describe what you do?

I am the Coordinator of Strategic Programs for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University at Buffalo. My job has three main parts – coordinating the College of Arts and Sciences part of UB’s admissions events, supervising our College Ambassadors, and planning the College’s two undergraduate commencement ceremonies.

What are your favorite memories of Canisius?

At Canisius, I built so many relationships with people who are still some of my closest friends today. Some of my fondest memories include watching Parks and Recreation in the commuter lounge on Thursday nights, planning (and attending) the Student Programming Board events, and Quesadilla Tuesday in the dining hall!

This isn’t exactly a memory from my time at Canisius but I’m also excited to be marrying a fellow Communication Studies alum –Joe Mecca, class of 2010.

What advice do you have for current students?

Don’t be afraid to approach your professors and ask about opportunities to get involved with your department. They may know about research, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities that you’ll never know about unless you ASK! 

Were you involved in any clubs or internships at Canisius?

 I was involved in many different clubs and internships at Canisius! My heaviest involvement was as chair of the Student Programming Board/VP of Programming for the Undergraduate Student Association. I was also a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, Di Gamma, Jazz Band, and several other student organizations. In my senior year, I attended the Eastern Communication Association conference with Dr. Wanzer and interned with the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

How do you think Canisius prepared you for the real world?

I strongly believe that a Canisius education affords students the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves not only as academics but also as global citizens. As a higher education professional, I often consider Jesuit values such as being a “woman for and with others” when interacting with my students and colleagues. Attending a Jesuit institution gave me a well-rounded and values-based education that continues to inform my work on a daily basis.