DMA '15, Elizabeth Furhmann

Where do you currently work and could you describe what you do?

I am a multimedia producer with WGRZ-TV. I do a lot of work behind-the-scenes to make our on air and digital content look its best. This includes things like writing news scripts for the anchors, creating graphics like maps and virtual sets for our green screen, or creating content for our social media and website. One of the biggest components of my job is actually during the newscast. I am the conduit between everyone in the studio, in the field, and everyone in production. I also have to keep the show to time, so we can fit inside a certain time slot. In many ways, my job is an editorial position. I have a lot of creative control of how stories are written, what stories go into my shows, where my talent will be, how the shots look, etc.

What are your favorite memories of Canisius?

My favorite memories of Canisius include many of the extra-curricular activities and opportunities the college has to offer. I had such a rich experience by being able to be involved in so many different clubs and experiences outside of the classroom.
I also genuinely miss class (I’m not kidding). I was able to take a wide variety of courses that really challenged me.

What advice do you have for current students?

My advice would be stay true to who you are, and don’t be afraid to try many different things. When you’re surrounded by many of your same peers throughout your classes in your program, it can be easy to compare yourself to them and what they’re doing. Don’t do that. There are many ways to get to where you want to go. You can forge your own path and still succeed.

Were you involved in any clubs or internships at Canisius?

I did quite a lot outside of class at Canisius. I was involved in Little Theatre, The Griffin, The Video Institute, AWMC, SPJ, Lambda Pi Eta, Alpha Sigma Nu, and Campus Ministry (I’m sure I’m forgetting something). In my senior year, I interned through the COM & DMA Department at Channel 2!

How do you think Canisius prepared you for the real world?

I think Canisius prepared me for what I do now in a lot of ways. I’m thankful that the college really focuses on “cura personalis,” and a diverse course load. At least for what I do, it’s important to have a breadth of knowledge in a lot of different subjects. I also was able to hone a lot of the skills I put into practice now, like writing, shooting, and editing. I honestly still use some of the books I had in school, like my AP Style Book (although, it may be time to get a new edition).