COM '13, M.S. '15, Matt Gorczyca

Where do you currently work and could you describe what you do?

I currently work as the assistant director of the Canisius Fund at Canisius College. The Canisius Fund office works to raise funds annually to support the college’s unrestricted body of funding. This directly supports tuition assistance for students, and funding for other high priority needs of the college.

What are your favorite memories of Canisius?

I always think fondly of the late nights working at The Griffin and the amazing staff of student photographers, writers, editors and designers. We became a family as we would feel the pressure of deadlines and breaking news stories. It was an amazing experience.

I was afforded opportunities to attend conferences and present research across the country. I have been to Boston, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Orlando and Baltimore because of Canisius!

I also can’t forget the great feeling of being crowned Mr. Canisius 2012.

What advice do you have for current students?

Find your passion and do whatever it takes to make that your livelihood. Also work hard and be nice to everyone you meet. You never know who will help you open your next door, and how your work ethic will set you apart from everyone else.

Were you involved in any clubs or internships at Canisius?

When I was at Canisius, I was the Managing Editor of The Griffin, and also participated in an internship as a Development Intern for Carly’s Club at the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

How do you think Canisius prepared you for the real world?

Canisius prepared me in more ways that I can count. First, it gave me the professional experience through internship opportunities and networking with alumni and professionals in my field. This helped immensely when it came to landing my first job out of college. Second, it really shaped me to the person I am today. Through experiences like the spiritual exercises and retreats through Campus Ministry, I really immersed myself in all things Jesuit. It has helped solidify my core values and beliefs and I believe has made me a more compassionate and understanding person.